husband’s lead is ‘spent’, lawyers say after hearing

The new hearing Friday of Cédric Jubillar, suspected of the murder of his wife Delphine almost a year ago, did not relate to new elements, affirm his lawyers according to whom the track of the husband “is exhausted”. At the end of this second interrogation, which lasted several hours, the defense of the 34-year-old plasterer painter, who continues to claim his innocence, regretted that he “did not intervene earlier”.

“The track of Cédric Jubillar is exhausted”

“The questions put to him related to elements existing in the file since before his detention” on June 18, lawyer Me Alexandre Martin told the press present at the Toulouse courthouse. “It is, after all, the same questions that were asked to him during his police custody”, confirmed Me Jean-Baptiste Alary. The hearing focused primarily on the night of December 15-16, 2020, when the 33-year-old nurse and mother of the couple’s two children was last seen at their home in Cagnac-les-Mines, near from Albi. “I think it is now high time that justice is interested in other tracks, because that of Cédric Jubillar is exhausted”, estimated for his part his other lawyer, Me Emmanuelle Franck.

On the instruction itself, the defense deplores that it is “completely led by gendarmes”. “There is no analysis work that is carried out at the investigation stage and with magistrates who are content to ask questions that are the same as those asked by the gendarmerie, without any critical analysis of the work that has been done”, laments Me Franck. Suspect number 1 arrived at the courthouse in a Prison Service van shortly before 9 a.m.

A new request for release

“We are going to file a new request for release in the coming days, because the case is bogged down, stalled, not moving forward,” said Me Alary. “This man is not only still detained, but in solitary confinement and it is time for justice to take its responsibilities and accept to note the shortcomings of the accusation and to continue the investigations if there must be any, but with Cédric Jubillar on the loose,” he added.

Earlier in the day, Me Martin had spoken of a man “desperate, combative, still believing that justice will eventually open his eyes”. The first interrogation of Cédric Jubillar, in his capacity as indicted, took place on October 15 and lasted four hours. He had also been questioned in April by two magistrates, at the time as a civil party. This type of questioning, facing the investigating judges, takes place in the presence of the defense and a clerk.

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