How Lens will welcome Kylian Mbappé, star of PSG and the Blues

This Sunday evening, Kylian Mbappé makes his first appearance in L1 on opposite ground since his spectacular World Cup final, which saw his fame increase tenfold. Lensois supporters are divided on the stance to adopt to pay tribute to the star of the French team’s exploits. And therefore has not taken an official position.

On the one hand, there are the most sincere people who don’t want to hear anything: Mbappé is a Paris-SG player. No question of letting him believe he is arriving on conquered ground. If it is necessary to encourage him, they will wait until he returns wearing the blue jersey with two stars. Otherwise, it will be necessary to move to the Parc des Princes to revel in the acceleration of the phenomenon.

The other part of blood and gold fans is more moderate. She intends to welcome the Parisian attacker. He should be patted as he should be when he comes out for the warm-up. But when the meeting starts, chauvinism will assert itself. There is a chance that silence will accompany its flash. Even that it hisses with fear.

“Our supporters know how to welcome. We are very grateful for what he was able to do during the World Cup.”

Seko Fofana, Lensois’ captain

For Franck Haise, however, there is no reason to worry. “The Lensois supporters and the Bollaert crowd are first and foremost lovers of football, the game, says the daily manager. I think they will give Kylian a warm welcome because he deserves it. He did many good things for the French team. »

Seko Fofana agrees: “Our supporters know how to welcome. We are very grateful for what he was able to do during the World Cup. But not only. It is the image that he embodies off the field as well that must be respected. He is a very great player. And it’s still a pleasure to play against him. »

“It’s hard to fathom, ends defender Jonathan Gradit. To tell the truth, we were all vibrating during the World Cup. We were all behind him and the French team. We are grateful for his performance. We know that sometimes opponents are not necessarily well received here. He may be clapped off during the warm-up. After that, no more boyfriends come. Which won’t take anything away from everything he’s done. But knowing Bollaert, I think people will still be kind to him. »


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