Here is the restaurant voted best shellfish in Belgium

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The best shellfish in Belgium has just been announced.

This Monday, May 10, 2022 took place the “Best Oyster Master of Belgium” at the Gare Maritime de Tour & Taxis. This is the second edition of the competition which celebrates the best shellfish in Belgium. A total of five professionals competed, but only one won the competition.

This is Saïd Alaoui from Brasseries Georges in Uccle. He becomes the best écailler in Belgium in 2022. In second place comes José Gomes from the Brasserie de la Patinoire. To complete the podium, Mounir Abbou from The Memlinc Seafood in Knokke took third place. The final two finalists were Antonio De Campos from Brasseries Georges and Enzo La Corte from Brasserie de l’Expo in Brussels.

To achieve this ranking, a competition was organized during which each candidate had to prove his perfect mastery through various criteria. They were notably judged on their speed of opening oysters and shellfish, their mastery of opening and preparation techniques as well as their creativity in arranging seafood platters. The jury was made up of professionals from the Horeca sector as well as members of the press: David Debin (Horecafocus Group), Paulo Tomaz (Ecailler Divinal Wines & Food), Amandio Maia (Best Ecailler of Belgium 1984), Simon De Tavernier (Sommelier du Le Château du Mylord), Marlies Beckers (journalist for Libelle Lekker & Délices) and Lionel De Cocq (journalist for Horeca Magazine).

This event made it possible to highlight the sometimes little known or forgotten profession of chipping and their talent and high-level skills.

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