Here is the best spread according to 60 million consumers

“Just a slice of bread”: this is the promise that we face a jar of spread… until we find ourselves finishing it with a teaspoon. However, in its February issue, 60 million consumers warn gourmets: these products are “calorie bombs”. And some more than others.

To conduct this survey, the review tested 14 hazelnut and chocolate spreads. They were judged on sugar content, quantity and quality of fat and, of course, taste. After a comparative study of these different criteria, the one that won the favor of the jury is the Poulain spread.



Nutella, the star of the shelves, only rose to fourth position. On the podium, we find the reference of Casino on the second step and that of Super U on the third.

If these are to be preferred, 60 million consumers nevertheless insist on the fact that all the spreads tested have a quantity of sugar considered excessive. According to the calculations of the review, two sandwiches each covered with 25g of spread represent an average of 26g of sugar. This is half of the recommended daily intake of free sugars.

The results are less alarming when it comes to fat content. In this regard, the two sandwiches mentioned above correspond to 20% of the recommended daily intake. It should be noted that palm oil, decried because of the impact of its production on the environment, is no longer systematically used. It concerns 5 of the 14 products studied.

The fact remains that the Nutri-Score of these spreads, whatever the reference, always oscillates between D and E. With an average of 530 kilocalories per 100g, it is recommended to consume them occasionally, in small quantities and, as far as possible. possible, without finishing the pot with a spoon.

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