Her two-month-old puppy stolen from Soyaux, she wonders: “Is it useful to file a complaint? »

About ten days ago, Fanny went out shopping and left the puppy in the small garden of her house, between the Victor-Hugo district and the Champ de Manoeuvre.. “When I returned, Thalya had disappeared”. She is formal, the little female has not escaped. It’s a flight : “The fence was forced, the kibbles that were stored there disappeared with the dog”.

It is the animal and nothing else that the thief wanted to recover: “There were little things that had a little value in the yard. Everything is here “.

Distraught, Fanny Maurin wonders: is it worth filing a complaint for the alleged theft of a dog? What’s more for a newborn. Is a procedure really started to find him? Commissioner David Noireault, number two of the police in Charente, deputy to the departmental director in charge of public security, answers him categorically: ” Yes “the police are empowered to take this type of complaint. “It is useful, it is important to do it as quickly as possible, and it is our role to initiate a procedure”supports the police officer.

The subject is not only dealt with by the services but it is also “taken very seriously”. “An investigation is systematically opened. If the animal is chipped or tattooed, it is much better ». In the case of Thalya, it was complicated to meet the last criterion: at two months, the stolen dog was still a little young for the formalities to have already been completed. “When you raise animals that are still babies, you are advised to be extra vigilant during the period preceding the moment of taking them to the chipping”insists Commissioner Noireault.

“I had made an appointment with the vet for the tattoo and chipping on June 9,” specifies Fanny Maurin. The young mother decided to listen to the advice of the police officer who received her complaint on Monday: in parallel with the procedure, she made and posted posters with Thalya’s photo and a telephone number. everywhere in Soyaux.

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