TESTIMONY. Pamiers: suffering from two forms of breast cancer and thanks the “angels” at the hospital

Testimony.  Pamiers: Suffering From Two Forms Of Breast Cancer And Thanks The &Quot;Angels&Quot; At The Hospital

the essential Marie-Anne, a 63-year-old Appamean, learned last summer that she was suffering from two forms of breast cancer. After an operation and months of chemotherapy, she thanks the health professionals who are helping her fight the disease. At a time when the hospital is often condemned, his testimony should bring comfort to the hearts … Read more

Covid: what is Orthos, this new variant of Omicron CH.1.1 that is spreading in Europe and is being monitored?

Covid: What Is Orthos, This New Variant Of Omicron Ch.1.1 That Is Spreading In Europe And Is Being Monitored?

This new strain of Omicron, which has acquired a Delta mutation, could cause concern as it could be more pathogenic compared to other variants. New data published earlier this week in the UK shows contamination of almost a quarter of the country’s cases with this new variant of Omicron, called CH.1.1 and called Orthus. This … Read more

Why are women more affected than men?

Why Are Women More Affected Than Men?

Like many neurological pathologies, Alzheimer’s disease finds its origin in a molecular dysfunction. A clue that was recently explored by American scientists * to explain the reasons why women seem more fragile to this disease, which is also placed first – in terms of occurrence – of neurodegenerative disorders. Slow connections in the brain How … Read more

How can an STI cause cancer?

How Can An Sti Cause Cancer?

Human papillomavirus: how can an STI cause cancer? Human papillomaviruses (HPV) are highly contagious viruses that can develop into cancer. In an interview with Pariser, Arthur Sadoun, Anne-Sophie Lapix’s husband, confided in him about this sexually transmitted disease, the consequences of which were disastrous for him. He wanted to break the taboo. In an interview … Read more

watch out for daytime sleepiness!

Photo D'Illustration. Les Ronflements.

Alliance Apnée du Sommeil reminds us that this chronic disease is not to be taken lightly. Whoseobstructive sleep apnea only results in snoring for many people, other symptoms should not be taken lightly. Among them is daytime sleepiness, recalls the Alliance Apnée du Sommeil. This chronic disease affects approximately 3 million French people. It results … Read more