Google welcomes the upgrade of Wear OS from version 3

Google Welcomes The Upgrade Of Wear Os From Version 3

Wear OS 3, which merged Google’s operating system for smartwatches with Samsung’s Tizen equivalent, was launched sometime in the summer of 2021. Initially limited to a handful of smartwatches, this version is now quite widely deployed on the models launched in recent months, at Fossil and Michael Kors, Samsung of course and a few other … Read more

Google’s HD mapping supports driver assistance features | Technology

The action of LiDAR, cameras and radars of the Volvo EX90 combine to understand the vehicle’s environment and contribute to passenger safety. Driver assistance technologies and, in the future, autonomous driving must be imperative recognize the environment accuratelyboth immediately in front of the vehicle and at longer distances, beyond nearby bends and curves. This is … Read more

Future Google Datacenter in Feluy: an information meeting will take place on January 10

Future Google Datacenter In Feluy: An Information Meeting Will Take Place On January 10

“SRL Crystal Computing plans to apply for a single permit for the construction and operation of a new operational data management center”, states Seneffe municipality. “The land, located in an industrial economic activity zone on the sector plan, has a total area of ​​approx. 33.5 hectares and is covered by an economic reconnaissance perimeter. A … Read more

How to create a Gmail account?

How To Create A Gmail Account?

Want to create a Gmail account? It’s hard to advise against it, because it opens the door to many free services, besides the email address. Then it is important to take full advantage of the possibilities of your Android smartphone. So follow our guide “How to create a Gmail account?” for a smooth registration in … Read more