Google is enabling Matter in its home automation ecosystem

The case has been officially closed since October, but the case is complicated. The new home automation standard must now be implemented by all players in the market, both manufacturers of connected devices that need to update software or hardware, and home automation ecosystem managers. Apple did what was needed from iOS 16.1 for example, but Google was a bit late. The search giant announces that Matter is now active on Android devices as well as Google Home and other Nest devices.

Google Is Enabling Matter In Its Home Automation Ecosystem

The company emphasizes that support begins today, although it is not accompanied by an update. According to our tests with the first Matter-compatible accessories, the Google Home app for Android was already ready a few days ago. In any case, it’s now official, and if you use Google’s home automation ecosystem, you can now add Matter accessories and control them from an Android device, as well as with the company’s voice assistant. .

The list of Google devices compatible with Matter is quite long:

  • Google Home speaker (original)
  • Google Home Mini
  • Nest Mini
  • NestAudio
  • Nest Hub (1st and 2nd generation)
  • Nest Hub Max
  • Nest Wi-Fi Pro

Some of them (Nest Hub 2nd generation and Max as well as Nest Wifi Pro) also integrate Thread, but remember that this is not a prerequisite for Matter, just a new communication protocol based on ZigBee and which is also an open standard. Apple also leverages it in several of its products, and there are a few accessories that rely on it, although Matter products can still only work on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

All About Thread, The New Home Automation Protocol Pushed By Apple

All about Thread, the new home automation protocol pushed by Apple

Google intends to extend Matter compatibility to other products in its range during 2023, including Nest thermostats and Nest WiFi terminals. The Google Home app for iOS will also fully support Matter next year, but is now able to control added Matter devices via an Android device. Which brings us to the most complicated point of this new home automation standard: interoperability.

Eventually, all Matter accessories should work with all home automation ecosystems, that’s the promise. We’re not there yet, though, and for now, devices you add through the Google Home app on Android won’t be visible in the Home app on an iPhone. Google announces that it is working with Samsung to associate its ecosystem with SmartThing, but we do not know what the situation is for HomeKit.


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