Google Assistant crashes with Android Auto are linked to Android 13

More and more users are finding that Google Assistant no longer works or works poorly with Android Auto since they installed Android 13 on their smartphone.

Android Auto New Interface 2022

Android Auto has been rolled out to many devices running Android. After Google launched its Pixel phones, Samsung followed suit with dozens of updates available for its Galaxy smartphones. OnePlus and other brands have also rolled out the update.

When Pixel phones were initially updated to Android 13, a limited number of users reported that the update caused issues with Android Auto, affecting Google Assistant. The biggest problem comes from the use of the “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” commands. Some of those affected are also seeing Android Auto’s bottom bar turn off. Using a manual button to trigger the voice assistant seems to work for some, but for others it still doesn’t process commands.

Users with Google, Samsung, Sony, Redmi and other smartphones have since posted about the issue on Google forums. For many, the problem didn’t appear until Android 13 arrived, but there’s a chance that the underlying problem could also be caused by a Google app update, as some Pixel phones are affected despite having Android 13 in some time now.

Another issue that appears to be related is some users reporting that Android Auto suddenly no longer reads messages aloud.

What to do in the state? Not much unfortunately, apart from waiting for a fix from Google.

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