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Arnaud Sérié: golfer, influencer, at the forefront of technology TLB-MSI

The most famous of French golf influencers, Arnaud Sérié, also a banker by day, must be connected. For this, he uses MSI devices to edit his videos, whether he is at home, on a fixed PC or filming abroad with his Summit E16 Flip Evo laptop.

“Democratize golf, make it accessible on a daily basis, break the clichés” : this is what motivates Arnaud Sérié. For three years, the Parisian has been promoting golf with improbable shots (called “trick shots”), which he films and broadcasts on his social networks (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube). He likes to offer short videos to his 56,700 Instagram followers and 1,500 YouTube subscribers that he carefully prepares in indoors or outdoors, on a golf course, in a hotel, he says. Once the spot is chosen, I set up my tripod and iPhone. Once the setup is ready, I do several shots until I get the trick shot. It’s obviously easier to make short approaches than long shots because it takes me less time to get the ball! I try to make as few games as possible, to present videos with original images and spots every time”.

Summit E16 Flip Evo on the road

Arnaud travels a lot. To be able to work in the hotel, but also in the smaller space of an airplane, he chose the Summer E16 Flip Evo. On the go, this laptop, “It really is the benchmark, he admits. It adapts to all situations and fulfills all my needs for my influencer activity”. Equipped with the Intel Evo platform and working with the Wi-Fi 6E (6 GHz) standard, it can create and share its videos wherever it is thanks to a long battery life and an ultra-fast connection. I made this choice because I travel often and it’s easy to use, no matter the situation. It’s ultra-powerful, I can hit balls for an hour and rush my videos easily. » This laptop has 360° rotating hinges that allow multiple uses and a touch screen that is compatible with the MSI Pen stylus.

For work, Modern AM272P

MSI offers several models for all requirements and tasks in the office and at home. Among these choices is the modern AM272P all-in-one PC with Tobii Aware technology: the screen dims if you look away and clears again with the identification of Windows Hello, the fast and secure authentication system on the PC. Arnaud needs security for his activities and finds it with the products in the MSI series: “Apart from the convenience of MSI equipment, with MSI Cloud Center, to perform fast and secure wireless backups and downloads between desktop PCs, laptops and Android and iOS mobiles, I appreciate the safety side, he concludes. When you have so many subscribers, it is important to have a computer to not lose any data and manage your accounts efficiently. What I’m also looking for is image quality and optimization to work on my edits. I occasionally put in slow motion, but otherwise I don’t touch the base videos too much. MSI products are reliable, powerful and above all very easy to use! » MSI accompanies Arnaud Sérié everywhere and adapts to all his needs to promote golf on social networks.

that PRO DP21 12MA at home

At home from the office, he uses a compact fixed PC that does not take up much space, PRO DP21 12MA connected to a Modern MD272QP monitor. A real competitive device for performing fast wireless backups and downloads from the Summit E16 Flip Evo. KVM (laptop and desktop screen sharing) technology allows you to use the two computers with a single set of keyboard, monitor and mouse while recharging the laptop via USB-C cable. With KVM technology, Arnaud can easily switch between work (with Summit E16 Flip Evo) and entertainment (with DP21 12MA) at home without any confusion between work and private life. In all areas, for all types of use, the MSI brand adapts to all needs. The versatility of the range allows all users, including Arnaud Sérié, who have very specific needs, to be satisfied thanks to the brand’s fixed and portable PCs.

Until December 31st, MSI and LDLC will give you a monitor light bar with the purchase of a modern monitor.


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