Glenn Viel as a couple: who is the chef’s companion?

He is the chef of the Oustau de Baumanière restaurant in Les Baux-de-Provence, a restaurant with three stars in the Michelin Guide. But who is this woman who tastes the pretty appetizing dishes of the chef? It is to such a question that fans of Glenn Viel are looking for a clear, precise and concise answer. Then read the entirety of this article, to come into possession of ample information on the love life of the famous chef Glenn Viel.

Who is Glenn Viel’s lucky lady?

With chef Glenn Viel, it’s magic in the air when it comes to gastronomy. Behind such a cordon bleu, there is always a woman who tastes and adds good flavor to the dishes made by him. In reality, if we trust the information taken from the site, we can directly understand that Glenn Viel is no longer a heart to take. He shares his life with a woman named Erika. The latter has never shown herself publicly. The couple gave birth to two children, Lilwenn and Yerevan. Together, they form a happy and fulfilling family. It is besides all that has value in the eyes of the chef: the family.

Who is Erika, Glenn Viel’s beloved?

Glenn Viel is a famous French chef who does not like to expose his private life, even less his couple or his family to the general public. As mentioned on the site, Erika is the name of his darling. The latter is also the mother of the two children she had from her union with Glenn Viel. Erika and her children live a life very far from prying eyes. This is also the reason why Erika is absent on the media and social networks. She prefers to live in hiding to safeguard her union with chef Glenn Viel.


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