Fabrice Di Vizio, the anti-pass lawyer who divides

“If there hadn’t been a health pass, I might have been vaccinated. What I refuse is blackmail! This pass is deeply discriminatory: there are those who can afford PCR tests – like me – and the others. » Fabrice Di Vizio, 47, lawyer for the controversial Pr Didier Raoult, figurehead of opponents of the health pass and an entertainer for Cyril Hanouna on the show “Touche pas à mon poste! », loves nothing so much as scrapping.

The rebound of the Covid epidemic, despite vaccination, is giving grist to the mill of this specialist in health law, who has emerged in the media thanks to the health crisis. The man receives the masks low, but at a good distance, in his house near Rambouillet (Yvelines).

Jeans, trainers, a big winter sweater with a zipped collar, Di Vizio shows himself entirely as Fabrice: sparkling eyes, he makes jokes, responds to criticism, in an astonishing number of charms that reveals his talent. As a good lawyer, he knows how to bounce back like a kid. He, the hypermnesiac who loves to quote philosophers, has read his Tocqueville. And “Democracy in America” ​​inspires him in these times of seemingly endless health restrictions:

“A government that borrows your freedom always forgets to give it back to you! It will not stop ! Watch Vigipirate. But I’m not antivax. I am even trying to convince my 75 year old mother who refuses to do the third dose. »

“All because I said ‘con’

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