Everything that changes in June 2022

Fuel prices

Bad news for road users, prices at the pump are (still) on the rise. The price of diesel increases by 6 cents, or €1.47/litre, and a liter of unleaded now costs €1.78 (+10 cents compared to the previous month).

The price of the gas cylinder is down (-74 cents) and goes to €23.25.

Note that the government aid that came into effect on April 1 lasts until July 31. It is worth 15 cents per liter of fuel.

Ticket restaurant: the ceiling goes back to 19 €

This is the end of the ceiling of 38 euros for restaurant tickets. Set up during the health crisis to encourage the French to go to restaurants, the government’s boost to restaurateurs will come to an end on June 30. After this deadline, the ceiling will increase to 19 euros.

Right to a bank account: a simplified procedure

From June 13, people requesting the opening of a bank account without a response within 15 days of their application will be able to turn immediately to the Banque de France. This will automatically appoint a bank close to their home. This procedure is open to anyone residing in France or in a member state of the European Union, as well as to all French people residing abroad and to applicants who are prohibited from banking.

More inclusive family booklet

This month of June also marks the arrival of a new version of the family booklet. More inclusive, the document now takes into account the new provisions concerning medically assisted procreation (PMA), the new rule for the choice of name, the reform of adoption, the identity of children born dead and the death certificate adult children, says the government.

The new family book also adapts to the regulations relating to the change of name, simplified when the choice relates to a name resulting from the filiation and makes it possible to register the death certificate of an adult child.


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