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Will the import of fur from abused animals soon be banned? Raccoons, coyotes, foxes or even mink, these animals are sometimes hunted with jaw traps, or even stripped alive. Practices banned in Switzerland but not when the furs are imported.

The National Council wants to ban such imports, but the government opposes it. This Monday, the Council of States takes over the file.

The Jura socialist Elisabeth Baume-Schneider is in favor of the ban on imports. “No one wants to buy clothes containing fur elements from abused animals or from prohibited hunts in Switzerland,” she says in La Matinale. “We already have bans, we no longer import cat, dog or seal furs, and we survived them well.”

Importation of furs from mistreated animals: interview with Elisabeth Baume-Schneider / La Matinale / 1 min. / today at 06:28

For Marianne Maret, on the other hand, a ban would not be the right solution. “Emotionally, it seems like a good idea,” concedes the Valais centrist. “But we are bound by a whole series of agreements with the WTO, we would be the only country to do so.” The other obstacle she mentions in La Matinale would be to control the breeding conditions on the spot, which seems a priori very complicated.

Should we ban the importation of furs from abused animals? Interview with Marianne Maret (Centre/VS) / La Matinale / 1 min. / today at 06:20

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