Elon Musk invites the auto union to hold a vote at his California factory

Elon Musk, criticized in the past for obstructing the creation of a union at his Tesla factory in California, is changing course. The CEO called on the powerful UAW auto union to hold a vote on whether to open a chapter.

“Tesla will do nothing for the [en] prevent, ”assured Elon Musk on Twitter this Wednesday. The American boss was responding to a tweet remarking that Joe Biden almost never mentioned Tesla when he talked about electric vehicles. The American president has clearly shown his preference for builders employing unionized workers.

No reaction from the UAW

“Our real challenge is the very low unemployment rate,” Elon Musk said on Twitter. “So if we don’t treat and pay our (fantastic) employees well, they have other offers and leave. I would therefore like to invite the UAW to hold a vote on organizing [de l’usine] at their convenience. »

The UAW did not immediately react. The union organization has attempted to organize a chapter in Tesla’s California plant in the past, and has faced some resistance from management. In 2017, the UAW seized the authorities to denounce the dismissal of militant workers for the creation of a union branch.

Unionists unwelcome at Tesla

In 2019, the office in charge of labor law in the country (NLRB) found that Tesla had violated certain labor rules and ordered the return of certain employees as well as the removal of certain internal rules prohibiting, for example, the distribution of union leaflets without permission. Tesla appealed and the case is still ongoing.

Elon Musk, the richest man in the world today, more recently criticized a proposal by the Biden administration to grant an additional bonus to electric vehicles manufactured in the United States by unionized employees. The Fremont plant is also the subject of several complaints of racial discrimination and sexual harassment.

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