Elon Musk has (already) found something better than metaverse

No future ? Elon Musk wants to conquer space but apparently has little interest in exploring new virtual territories in the metaverse. Is the billionaire necessarily right to doubt the future of what is nevertheless massively presented as the innovation of the moment?

Elon Musk and the metaverse: keeping your feet on the ground

For Elon Musk, the terms web3 and metaverse are just ” a kind of buzzwordy “. The founder of Tesla and SpaceX review virtual reality, at least, as it is currently understood. In particular, he is not convinced by the eventual success of ” a bloody screen in my face all day “.

A virtual reality headset would be, to hear it, doomed to failure : these VR headsets give you motion sickness when playing video games with them, and “it’s going to ruin your sight, right? “, with a screen literally stuck in front of the eyes.

Elon Musk also indicated his skepticism about a future where people would leave the physical world, to live in a virtual world.

Are these billionaire attacks against the metaverse justified? Musk is right when he says that the word metaverse has become the buzzword of the moment, especially following the rebranding of Facebook to Meta. Nothing like it indeed only a little metaverse sauce to season a project which still exists only on paper, in order to make it more attractive – or not – in the eyes of investors and target customers. But what about his other incriminating arguments against the metaverse?

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VR headsets, the enemy to be defeated: a good marketing move?

The billionaire attacks virtual reality headsets, without necessarily taking into account the fact that access to a metaverse is not necessarily conditioned by the use of this type of material. These headsets make the experience more immersive, but do not condition the existence and proper functioning of a virtual world – did famous video games necessarily need a VR headset to be successful?

These criticisms against virtual reality headsets mostly seem to be a marketing stunt of the billionaire to make the promotion of the future products of its neurotechnology start-up Neuralinkwhich develops brain implants in humans to restore and enhance physical abilities:

“In the long term, a sophisticated Neuralink could bring you fully into virtual reality. I think we’re far from disappearing into the metaverse, it just seems to be kind of buzzwordy. »

The billionaire finally stresses that a future where we would live in a virtual world to leave the physical world is unthinkable. This vision is quite caricatural. She would imply that the success of the metaverse necessarily implies that the people who dive there, stay there almost all day – social networks are not successful although their users spend time there without disconnecting totally from the real world?

Will Elon Musk end up changing his mind about the metaverse? After all, we had seen similar scenarios for bitcoin (BTC).

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