Dog abandonment explodes with the end of confinement and the approach of the holidays

From July 1, you will need a certificate to be able to adopt an animal in Wallonia. Alicia Monard, Alderwoman for Animal Welfare in Charleroi, chose a play on words to explain what it is all about: “We will now have to show our credentials to adopt an animal. We will get this certificate from the municipality, there will be no formalities or special requirements, it will be awarded to everyone except people known for acts of animal abuse. Current dog owners will not necessarily have to have a paper version of this permit, they will have it as a basis, on the other hand if it is observed that a master is being malicious towards his animal, for example after a complaint , we can withdraw his certificate and therefore his animal. Let’s say that it is above all a tool for raising awareness to guarantee responsible adoptions, it is an additional assurance that people wanting to adopt a dog have the necessary faculties and benevolence to take care of an animal.

A certificate that reassures Gaëtan Sgualdino, from the La Louvière SPA: “I hope this permit will prevent impulsive adoptions, that we will stop seeing people come out of a pet store with a puppy under their arm. We do not buy an animal on a whim, that he whether it is a dog, a cat, a rabbit or any other living being. With the certificate, adoption will be a little more restrictive for everyone, in pet stores, farms and even shelters, but this is the price to pay for empowering adopters. That said, let’s be realistic, the positive effect will be felt in the medium or long term, this will in no way solve the critical situation we are currently experiencing. in shelters.”

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