Do you eat fruit for dessert? Here’s why it’s a very bad habit

by Jessica Meurens

Do you like to have a little dessert after your meal? If this is your case and you would like to have a slightly healthier diet, you are probably choosing to eat a fruit. It seems logical, and yet… it would be a bad habit. Explanations.

We know: for our health, we must eat five fruits and vegetables a day. As a result, we often think that eating fruit as a dessert is a healthy and smart alternative, in addition to being better for the line. Yes, because eating a banana or an apple is better than eating ice cream or chocolate mousse!

However, it seems to be a very bad habit and above all a received idea. In reality, eating fruit after a meal is not a good thing at all. Indeed, even if it is not bad in itself, fruits are rich in fiber, which circulates easily in the body.

Why shouldn’t we eat fruit after a meal?

Results ? The fruit quickly reaches the large intestine. The problem is that it therefore arrives much faster than other foods, which we have eaten before but which have not yet been digested. As a result, our meal remains in our digestive tract, while our body is already eliminating the fruit.

And it is the fact that the meal “waits” in our digestive tract that would be the cause of disorders such as bloating. Why ? Simply because food has more time to ferment before being digested.

When can we eat it?

Don’t worry, you can still eat fruit after your meal… but not right away! Indeed, it is recommended to wait a little, so that your body has had time to digest your dish.

To know how long to wait, we can rely on the fact that a complete digestion phase lasts between three and four hours. It would then be necessary to wait for this moment to eat a fruit.

Of course, if you eat late at night, it’s not easy at all. Yet this simple change could allow your digestive process to go smoothly. Also, digestive problems can prevent you from sleeping well, so it would be a bad idea to eat a fruit directly after your evening meal.

This information is still to be taken with a grain of salt, because it has not been scientifically proven that fruits cause digestion problems. So experience it yourself and watch your body’s reactions to form an opinion. On the other hand, it is recommended to eat a fruit in isolation, during the day. Indeed, this would prevent cravings for snacking after a meal.

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