Cristiano Ronaldo comes out of silence after elimination against Morocco!

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Cristiano Ronaldo saw one of his dreams come to an end this Saturday in Doha. The five-time Ballon d’Or winner could do nothing to avoid the elimination of Portugal in the quarter-finals of the World Cup against Morocco. While playing his fifth in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo left the competition at the back door and will never win the only trophy missing from his huge record. A feeling all the more bitter as the Portuguese went through the tournament in poor conditions, tainted by numerous extra-sporting controversies. In tears after the meeting, Cristiano Ronaldo reacted in more detail this Sunday on his Instagram account.

“Winning a World Cup for Portugal was the biggest and most ambitious dream of my career. Fortunately, I won many international titles, including one with Portugal, but putting the name of our country on the highest foot of the world was my biggest dream.
I fought for it. I fought hard for this dream. In the five World Cups that I have played in 16 years, always with great players and supported by millions of Portuguese people, I have given everything. Leave everything on the ground. I never turned my face to the fight and I never gave up on that dream.
Unfortunately yesterday the dream ended. It is not worth reacting warmly. I just want you all to know that a lot has been said, a lot has been written, but my dedication to Portugal has not changed for a moment. I have always been the one who fought for everyone’s goals and I would never turn my back on my colleagues and my country.
Not much more to say right now. thank you Portugal. thanks to Qatar The dream was beautiful while it lasted… Now we hope the weather will be a good advisor and will allow everyone to draw their own conclusions. ยป

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Cristiano Ronaldo spoke at length on his Instagram account after Portugal’s elimination in the quarter-finals of the World Cup against Morocco. The five-time Ballon d’Or has expressed his feelings as he played his last world.

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