Court of Saint-Malo: the lawyer of the victim threatened with death by the defendant

A lawyer was threatened with death on Tuesday March 1 at the Saint-Malo court.
A lawyer was threatened with death on Tuesday March 1 at the Saint-Malo court. ©(Illustration Pixabay)

It is a rare scene that took place in front of the Saint-Malo court this Tuesday, March 1, 2022.

When the decision was announced, a 26-year-old man exploded with rage in his cramped glass cubicleputting the escort in difficulty, which had to use the strength to bring it out and subdue it.

Kicked out for the first time

A few minutes earlier, he had lost his temper in the face of the requisitions of the deputy prosecutor, exclaiming: “I can’t let you say that”. He had been expelled from the room. But for the sentencing, he had been allowed to return.

The story is simple, almost (sadly) banal. A jealous young man, a frightened young girl.

Between December 23 and 24, 2020, a violent scene of jealousy breaks out. The defendant punches his partner. Black eye, bruises, ripped hair, broken tooth. The neighbors call the police, but the fearful young woman does not want to file a complaint.

1,943 posts

After the separation in October 2021, the young person loses his footing, a little more. In one month, he sent her 1,943 messages. At the hearing, he admits that he was not well, fallen into drugs.

“I was jealous, sickly, but still in love.”

His lawyer Me Leboucher is trying to save his client’s parental authority over the couple’s child, born a few months ago. The public prosecutor asked that it be withdrawn.

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The young woman is now raising their child alone.

“I slapped him, but not from the right”

“I never put him on the right. I slapped him yes, but not from the right. But hey, slaps, punches or a shovel… you don’t do that to a woman. »

The court did not really appreciate the subtle nuance and, after a suspension of the hearing, the president of the hearing announced the decision: 1 year in prison and as much with probation.

Withdrawal of parental authority

The judge adds the installation of an anti-reconciliation bracelet. Then she announces that parental authority is withdrawn.

In a fraction of a second, the defendant explodes. He hits the plexiglass, shouts at the injustice, assures that the woman has ruined his life. He calls his daughter, “his love”, groans and continues to kick the police who have to do three to get him out.

“And you little shitty lawyer, you’re dead”

Before crossing the door that brings him back to the jail, the defendant aims at the victim’s lawyer:

“And you, shitty little lawyer, you’re dead.”

Threats noted by the clerk before the hearing continued. On the other side of the door, the police had to call for reinforcements to finally subdue the man.

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