Corgi dogs, other stars of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations

published on Thursday, June 02, 2022 at 08:32

Queen Elizabeth has always loved them and the jubilee celebrations would not have been complete without them: the corgis dogs are available in giant puppets, colorful sculptures, small knitted figurines, tableware, cookies… and a special emoji with her small crown was even unveiled by the royal family.

On Wednesday, Londoners could even have their picture taken at Leadenhall Indoor Market with a corgi. Crown and red cape lined with ermine in the style of a monarch were provided.

The dogs installed on a flowery sofa were all “pros” regularly replaced to avoid fatigue.

The success exceeded all predictions of the organizer, Katie Raby, with a long queue.

“Everyone associates this dog with the Queen, and we wanted to celebrate it,” she told AFP. “Many people have never met one,” she says of corgis, a species in danger of extinction a few years ago.

Nineteen colorful statues of corgis have also been installed in central London, created by as many artists.

And 20 giant puppets of these short-legged, pointy-eared dogs will be part of the big parade on Sunday, which will close the four-day celebrations for the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s reign.

– Renewed popularity –

During the rehearsals, those who will handle them have been invited to ask themselves the right questions. “What kind of dog?”, “mischievous?”, “young?”, “old?”, explained to AFP the artistic director of this painting, Kathi Leahy.

From Susan, received for her 18th birthday, to Fergus and Muick, acquired shortly before the death of her husband Philip in April 2021, Elizabeth II owned around thirty corgis, small dogs that remain inseparable from her image.

When she made a video alongside James Bond – played by Daniel Craig – on the occasion of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, her four-legged companions were in the cast.

We also saw them in the famous television series “The Crown”.

Since then, their popularity has steadily increased. In 2021, 1,223 Welsh corgis were registered, according to the Kennel Club, up from 887 in 2020.

“Their numbers have increased in recent years, largely due to their starring role in +The Crown+. But the Queen has played a vital role in bringing corgis into popular consciousness (..) comments the spokesperson of the Kennel Club, Bill Lambert.

“What a wonderful testament to his 70 years on the throne to see his beloved breed enjoying a resurgence in popularity,” he adds.

Young Elizabeth had discovered this breed of dogs as a child, when her father King George VI introduced Dookie into the family in 1933.

It was the beginning of a long passion.

And the queen has raised several generations of corgis since Susan, with a preference for the Pembroke breed.

But she also created the “dorgi”, a cross between the corgi and the dachshund. And his interest aroused the enthusiasm of his subjects.


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