Change in dog collars: some will soon be banned in Brussels

Electric collars, choke collars and spade collars on dogs will soon be banned in the Brussels Region, announced on Monday the office of the regional Minister for Animal Welfare, Bernard Clerfayt. An opinion to this effect has been issued by the Brussels Council for Animal Welfare. The Minister intends to follow him and impose the ban.

“The use of electric, choke or spade collars is not without danger for dogs and has long been controversial. Several studies tend to show that this type of collar is no more effective than the techniques of positive education for dogs, explains the minister’s office.

Research shows that dog training methods using electric collars induce higher risks of aggression, fear, anxiety and other unwanted behaviors while decreasing the quality of the relationship with the dog’s handler, continues -he.

Taking the example of the electric collar, experts point out that “without perfect timing between the unwanted behavior and the electric shock, the dog fails to make the association and could develop aggressive behavior.” The Brussels Council for Animal Welfare recommends the outright banning of this type of collar and recommends the promotion of positive training methods.

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