Cats confined until August and €50,000 fine if they injure a bird in Germany

In Germany, the city of Walldorf has just taken a unique and above all quite radical decision.

In order to protect the crested lark in a very poor state of conservation and which risks becoming extinct in the region, the authorities have decided to confine their main predator: the domestic cat.

Thus, since last week, all cats in the city must be confined to their homes and can only go out on a short leash. Owners who let their cats roam are liable to a fine of €500.

If ever their cat is seen injuring, or worse killing, a crested lark, the fine will be €50,000!

This decision taken by the Rhine-Neckar district will already be renewed until 2025 and will have to be applied from April 1 to August 31, i.e. 5 months of confinement for cats.

The measure is already controversial and many owners, like several associations, have planned to attack this decision which according to them is comparable to mistreatment. The fact remains that this measure proves once again the impact that cats have on small fauna and biodiversity in general.

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