Top 18 Things Your Cat Has Destroyed In Your Home, Don’t Keep Any Valuables

Does it really teach you anything to say that cat owners are fat vikoss? Certainly. And as many of us are part of this fragmented community, we have identified all the objects destroyed by this cute animal, including our self-esteem. 1. Your sofa armrests First he started ruining it by scratching his claws on it, … Read more

We drew these “saber-toothed cats” wrong

Previous renderings have shown saber-toothed felids with exposed upper canines. A recent study that combines fossils and extant specimens, however, reveals a different appearance of life, at least for one of the most common saber-toothed cat species in Earth’s ancient history. Homotherium latidens was the most powerful Old World Pleistocene saber-toothed cat. According to the … Read more

A story of cats in Ids-Saint-Roch goes wrong on social networks: five defendants at the helm

This is the trial of social networks, comments shared without being read before. From the violence of the comments that we broadcast or that we “like”, while thinking of being relieved of all responsibility… In a village in Boischaut with 315 inhabitants, Ids-Saint-Roch, the idea of ​​the mayor, Martine Fourdraine, in December 2019, to euthanize … Read more

Watering cans, swimming pools, hollow posts: “cavity traps”, a nightmare for small animals

You come across them in public spaces, when you hike, and there are probably some in your garden. The “trap cavities” are present throughout the territory, in the city as well as in the countryside. These vertical holes with smooth and slippery walls, whether high up or at ground level, unintentionally cause the death of … Read more

A young stray cat gets a fresh start in life and travels the world with her savior (video)

© Martin Klauka Mogli and Martin experienced the thrill of love at first sight. Thanks to this beautiful encounter, the cat said goodbye to the streets and began a life full of adventures with her soul mate. Martin Klauka, 32, had never planned to adopt a cat. A true adventurer, he roams all the roads … Read more