Cannes restaurants target of an ingenious scam

A well-rehearsed scenario. Pseudo-customers come to eat. Then, when it’s time to pay the bill by credit card on the mobile payment terminal (TPE) handed to them by the waiter, one of them takes advantage of his inadvertence to exchange it with another box!

The thief would have a shoulder bag and would exchange the device when he takes it in his hands to type in his code. The server does not notice anything and all the additions that follow credit the bank account of the scammers…

Unstoppable and painless. Except for the cash drawers…

Several tens of thousands of euros

To date, seven Cannes restaurants in the city center have already been victims of this criminal trick. Some have already filed complaints. For some, the theft amounts to several tens of thousands of euros.

Alain Lahouti, president of the Syndicat des restaurateurs de Cannes has widely disseminated a call for vigilance among professionals in the sector, urging them not to let customers seize the famous payment box without supervision.

The scammers may even replace the TPE device with the same sticker to prevent the institution from noticing the change” alert Alain Lahouti.

The manipulation maneuver seems to spare no detail. The name of the establishment on the fake ticket is close to the real one but it is misspelled. One letter away!

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