camera footage makes her stress skyrocket

She hears the dogs in the shelter barking

A situation that could have been dangerous for the dogs residing in the shelter.

Julie Levine lives in Woodland Hills in the United States where she runs an association called “Canine Rescue Connection”. Saturday morning around 1 a.m., at home, Julie received a visit from a dog she was not expecting.

An intruder in the shelter

It was when she heard her rescue dogs barking like mad that Julie realized there was a problem. She then checked the security footage and discovered that a coyote had entered the building. When he realized he was surrounded by dogs, the animal finally turned around. To enter, as to exit, the coyote used the small door dedicated to dogs.

Since this intrusion, Julie Levine has taken all the necessary measures to ensure that this does not happen again and that her dogs are safe.

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