Biterrois: at Eddy, in La Boufanelle, bistronomy at the heart of a ZAE

Eddy Lacourarie took over the Boufanelle restaurant last April in Boujan-sur-Libron.

Eddy Lacourarie, 30, a young chef with a passion for cooking since his childhood, took over the restaurant La Boufanelle, at the entrance to Boujan, in the economic activity zone (ZAE) of Monestié. To mark this new direction, he renamed his establishment Chez Eddy la Boufanelle.

It was in the early 2000s that he cut his teeth at the gourmet restaurant Charles Barrier, in Tours, with chef Hervé Lussault, two stars, and the two other chefs, Michelin Michaël Teluk and Hervé Guttin.

Eddy is still followed by his former bosses who have become his references, his “mentors”. “They transmitted to me the requirement of French gastronomy.”

“The crush has arrived”

After a trip across Europe, the young cook moved to Béziers in 2012. He worked as a chef in an administration while waiting to realize his dream. The latter materializes on April 14, 2022: Eddy buys La Boufanelle on a crush with his wife, Élodie, who helps him in management and communication.

The idea of ​​setting up a restaurant germinated when my wife, one day, asked me: “But why don’t you have your own business?” After reflections and discussions, we started looking for an establishment and the crush arrived!“, he smiles.

Today, after years of working for other chefs, Eddy can finally express himself, cook his menu and work with what he likes: local and seasonal products. He is helped by a maitre d’hotel in training, Julie Gillot, and, for the first time, by his father, Gilles Lacourarie for the service or help in the kitchen.

A flavor menu

Right from the start, he made twice the cutlery of the previous owner. The young chef decides to open on Friday evening and Saturday evening in view of the success of his dishes and develops a flavor menu. It consists of a gazpacho of peas, truffled scrambled egg foam as a starter or a salmon gravlax with its young shoots and beets.

The dish is presented either with a duck breast, variation around the carrot and juice of scrubland or with a back of sea bass, potato and a hodgepodge of the sun. Finally, the dessert features a Belle-Hélène pear from the chef. With his passionate smile, Eddy Lacourarie regularly comes to the dining room to meet his conquered customers.

Supported by his wife Élodie, his father Gilles and his butler Julie, the success of the dishes with his customers is there.

To conclude, Eddy Lacourarie, proud of his chef’s attire, considers himself “to the angels. The customers are there, I knew I was right. Serving good products and signing local dishes with my touch is my passion.“.

Open Monday to Saturday noon, Friday and Saturday evening. 04 67 30 05 89, 16, avenue de l’Occitanie, Boujan. Possibility of room rental and private parking.

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