Bill Gates does not want to “spend his money on rockets” like him – La Nouvelle Tribune

The wealthy American businessman Bill Gates took advantage of an interview he gave to the Youtuber Hugo Travers better known under the pseudonym “HugoDecrypt” to discuss several topics. The founder of Microsoft was asked about space travel which has been going on for a while as well as the coronavirus pandemic.

The guest of Hugo Travers did not fail to share his relationship with the boss of Tesla and SpaceX. Asked if the philanthropist has any ties of friendship with Elon Musk, he indicates that he ” like him “. “I like it. I think he does a terrific job. But I don’t know him very well.”, he says. On space travel, Bill Gates’ opinion is quite clear.

“There will be no other planets to help us”

He prefers to invest in research rather than in space tourism and the development of rockets. “What drives me is that we get rid of measles, malaria, to ensure that children around the world have the same chance of survival and can eat their fill. Global health is my full-time job. I’m not going to spend my money on rockets”he confides to Youtubeur Hugo Travers before adding that he “there will be no other planets to help us”.

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