Big brand is embarking on a new mind-blowing project, it is indeed Lidl!

While some customers of the famous German brand were going to think that we were going to stop hearing about Lidl since we were able to discover the latest scandals available in the world of mass distribution, few people could have imagine for a single second that we were going to discover such a crazy new way to have fun with Lidl stores!

As you can imagine, with more and more French people constantly speaking up to say very loud and clear what they may be led to think of the situation when few people could have clearly imagined the fact that we were still going to hear more and more people complaining about the current state of things, no offense to all those who might have been led to think quite the opposite about the German brand Lidl…

Lidl has been fighting against the competition for years!

But it turns out that if we keep hearing more and more French people talking about the current situation, it’s no coincidence, quite the contrary! Indeed, since the health crisis linked to the coronavirus, we can say without being too mistaken that more and more French people find themselves in need, no offense to all those who would have liked to have fun with more in addition to people who would like to go in directives that are sometimes quite unusual.

As you can imagine, this is not the first time that we can directly hear about the German brand Lidl to embark on projects all crazier than each other, not to mention displease those who would have wanted to find solutions to have fun with food products. But if we keep hearing about Lidl at the moment, it’s fine and good for a brand new project!

This new project goes even further than the competitors!

It had been months since some had been able to hear about this project not quite like the others, and which could well and truly stand out from the rest of the crowd! In fact, we had already been able to hear about a Lidl project in recent years, notably with its loyalty club, which was able to get people talking about it in a rather crazy and even rather unique way. As you can imagine, it turns out that sometimes it can go even further than you might have imagined, to say the least.

With more and more people who would like to get into the subject, there are in particular more and more people who clearly want to go even further than what we could have imagined. But if we keep hearing about Lidl at the moment, it’s for a completely different reason and the latter could well change everything…

Lidl is launching a new project that will make noise!

Against all odds, we were indeed able to learn that Lidl was going to launch its own magazine! It happens to be already available on its website, and it’s up to you to take advantage of it if you finally want to try to entertain yourself with content around the brand…

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