Béziers: the Cave à manger, from brasserie to bistronomy along La Devèze

Capucine and Sébastien Gassier and their two partners Loïc and Mathieu, created the Toria craft brewery.

In this place, along La Devèze, a brasserie at lunchtime for the employees of the activity zone and a nice bistronomy at the end of the week for the Biterrois. The kitchen open to the restaurant allows guests to see the team at work, made up of a chef, his second and two kitchen assistants.

“A team in the kitchen, close-knit and passionate”

“We set up this restaurant with friends to realize a dream, a friendly place for everyone”, says Capucine Gassier. “We have no frozen products, everything is “homemade”. We are happy because the customers are loyal to us and we have found a real team in the kitchen, close-knit and passionate. It was the most complicated in our history.”

The chef, Aurélien Heredia, creates fabulous dishes with his team, also in the evening. As a starter, there is a beef tataki marinated in soy, ginger, lemon and carrot guacamole, an organic soft-boiled egg breaded with sesame and wasabi, mashed corn with coconut milk. For the main course, the menu includes a Breton monkfish with Big Green ®, its mint green tea broth and its pea, spinach and Granny Smith purée or a saddle of lamb roasted with apricot rosemary and its infinite vanilla. Everything is made in house and with fresh products and lots of local suppliers.

Fresh products, local suppliers

Fans enjoy the beer brewed on site. In fine weather on a very beautiful terrace.

The bistronomic menus are between 37 and 42 €. Tapas boards, for lunch and dinner, are also available. The large platter with garlic sausage, pâté and country style pâté, hock and foie gras, pâté de tête is barely €24 and you have peace of mind for four.

In the middle of the area next to the stadium, finally a good restaurant!

Open from Monday lunchtime to Saturday lunchtime and from Thursday to Saturday evening; Phone. 04 48 20 10 49. Concert every Saturday evening. Label tables Auberges de France, gourmet bistro.

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