In financial and family difficulty, she abandons a dog in a path of Luzy, at the end of a leash which strangles her

The leash hangs from the top of a post. The dog is “forced to hold its neck stretched upwards if it does not want to be hanged”, laments Me Vincent Billecoq. The lawyer neversois relays, at the correctional hearing of Wednesday, April 6, the constitution of civil party of the Brigitte-Bardot Foundation. There is no … Read more

Elon Musk confirms delayed release date

After several years of waiting, Elon Musk announces that his Tesla Cybertruck pickup will finally be available from next year. As Reuters had already predicted. Will we finally soon see Tesla Cybertrucks on the streets? If it will probably still be a long time before it arrives in French concessions, the Californian electric pickup is … Read more

Nobile Mare, the Sicilian fish restaurant in Lyon

Nobile Mare, the Sicilian fish restaurant in Lyon @Antoine Merlet Unlike the Romans, the Sicilians have always preferred the sea to dry land. Pasta (fettuccine all’Aragosta): fettuccine with half a lobster On August 29, 2014, Lyon Capital got excited about a new restaurant, noble housea Sicilian facing the Grand Hôtel-Dieu. Ci andiamo! Pierre Lonobile, the … Read more

Mathieu Hocquet case: defense lawyers request the referral of the trial to the national judicial center dedicated to cold cases

The case of the death of Mathieu Hocquet is really not an ordinary case. After a dismissal in 2005 for acts committed in 1999, after a reopening of the judicial investigation in 2017, after four arrests the following year, a trial before the Cher assize court last year and a new trial which started before … Read more