Attention, this chocolate bar marketed by Carrefour is recalled everywhere

A “72% Cocoa” dark chocolate bar was recalled for a labeling defect. The presence of potential allergens is to be taken seriously by those concerned.

A bar of dark chocolate has been recalled for several days by Carrefour stores. It may contain potential allergens. It is actually a labeling defect that is causing the problem.

A display error

In a recall press release, the brand mentions a “production error” by the company “DIPA.” This “Selection, Dark 72% Cocoa” flocked bar actually contains a “dark chocolate crepe lace mango sichuan pepper” bar. The latter is likely to contain ingredients causing allergies in sensitive people. Namely: wheat, barley and milk.

“People who are allergic and/or intolerant to milk, wheat, barley and/or gluten, who have this product, are therefore asked not to consume it”, recalls Carrefour, which invites consumers to bring the product back to the store. On the other hand, people who do not present an allergic risk to the foods mentioned can consume the product without any concern.

The Carrefour consumer service is available to the public on 0 805 900 021 for any questions.

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