About sixty dead cats found in the freezer and the garden of tenants

The surprise was great when it came time to regain possession of their property. After the eviction of their tenants, who had not paid the rent for a year and a half, the owners of a house located in Bellegarde-en-Forez (Loire) made a macabre discovery. They found on the spot about sixty corpses of cats.

Thirty-two, mainly kittens, were “carefully wrapped in cloth nappies” and stored in a freezer amid ice cream and pieces of breaded fish, the gendarmerie said, confirming information from the Progress. The others, also covered with fabrics, were buried in flowerpots in the garden of the house.

No acts of cruelty according to the first elements of the investigation

The couple of tenants, originally from Isère, were evicted in mid-May. The owners discovered numerous animal excrements and rooms in poor condition, from which escaped a pestilential odor. “When my wife sees a cat, she can’t help picking it up,” the tenant told the Progressspecifying that his wife used to put the dead animals in the freezer before being able to bury them with dignity, according to her.

The police opened an investigation. The necropsy, performed on the corpses, concluded that there were no acts of cruelty. The couple, who suffers from psychological problems, must be heard by the gendarmes. Prior to their eviction, he lived with around 30 live cats and two dogs.

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