A man sees an abandoned dog carrying a bowl of food and decides to follow him

Very often, many dogs are not lucky enough to be adopted and end up having to return to the streets. They then know this terrible ordeal of struggle and misery of a homeless life. A man named Yusuf Kılıçsarı witnessed what love is, the purest and truest thing that nature can show.

The man who lives in Turkey has finished by posting a video that has gone viralwhere he captures a dog showing all her love for her puppies.

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A man sees an abandoned dog carrying a bowl of food and decides to follow him

When Yusuf approached the dog, he saw that it was carrying a bowl of food in its mouth and found it very strange, so he wanted to know more. He then realized that the animal clearly had a mission. Yusuf then decided to see where this dog was going with the bowl that had food in it.

The video shows the man filming the dog as he walks through a building and past a junkyard, where he discovers an adorable scene.

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It’s amazing what the dog did to be able to feed her puppies, they were all healthy and even chubby, thanks to their mother bringing them food. This female dog shows that all mothers do everything for their children.

“It’s motherhood” she wrote.

An interview with Yusuf about what happened and his feelings has not been done yet. We’ll update this post as soon as we know more. But this scene shows us what it is to really love your neighbor, the man witnessed the true testimony of a mother’s love with her babies.

This reflects our reality, many mothers do everything they can to be able to give the best to their children and this dog did the same for her puppies. It’s very touching !

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