A Husky dog ​​abandoned in a yard without water or food in Brittany is narrowly saved by a shelter

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Animal abuse continues to be rampant. On May 20, 2022, a dog was found in a dead state. The unfortunate woman had been abandoned to her sad fate and (sur)lived in the midst of her excrement.

Ramzy Kraiemthe head of the animal shelter animal friends of Fougeres-Romagne in Brittany, received a report from a local resident for a dog in poor condition. On arrival, Ramzy could only observe the horror.

The Husky dog ​​was trapped in a closed yard with no water or food. No one could tell how long she had been there, waiting for someone to help her. Indeed, the shutters of the house were closed and the neighbors claimed never to meet the owner.

Ramzy had no other option but to initiate the legal procedure which obliges to find the owner of the animal before attempting any action. “I slipped her a bowl of water, she rushed at it. I went every day, I stayed there for hours”said Ramzy at News. However, the dog’s master could not be found. It was obvious that he had abandoned her. The shelter has therefore received the necessary authorizations to intervene.

An alarming state of health

Friday, May 20, Ramzyhis colleagues as well as the animal unit of the firefighters of Ferns intervened for “get her out of this hell”. “He’s a featherweight. When we picked her up, we thought we were carrying a cat. He is missing 15 to 20 kilos. I don’t know how she managed to get out of it.”added Ramzy.

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Now the Husky is in good hands. The shelter ladb Fougeres provide him with all the care and attention necessary for his good recovery. She suffers from dehydration and malnutrition. In parallel, Ramzy filed a complaint with the gendarmerie for mistreatment of an animal and launched an appeal for witnesses on social networks so that the author of this act of cruelty be apprehended.

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