a Franco-Algerian crack interests Luis Campos!

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If PSG have not planned to be particularly active in the transfer market during the winter Mercato, it does not prevent Luis Campos from preparing for the future, especially by keeping a sharp eye on young talents who could quickly strengthen the team and ensure a bright future In Paris.

In this sense, it is an enticing number that has been mentioned by the Daily Mail in recent hours. According to the English media, Michael Olise, the Crystal Palace winger who is having a very good season to the point of establishing himself as a starting 21 in Patrick Vieira’s eleven, would be on the shelves of Luis Campos.

Olise has four nationalities!

Michael Olise, attacking element with a dribbling profile, presents a particularly atypical profile. International hopeful recently, Olise also holds Algerian, Nigerian and English nationality. If it currently appears to have privileged France in terms of selection, will Olise also approach that at the club? If there is an offensive, it will only be in advance next summer, when the player will necessarily be much sought after.

To summarize

The PSG version Luis Campos necessarily keeps an eye on the big talents coming up. And a French-Algerian striker would be in the spotlight in Paris! According to the English press, Michael Olise is indeed of interest to PSG after successful performances at Palace.

Julien Pedebos

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