A dog has been barking for 5 days in this building. The firefighters take out the big ladder to find out what’s going on!

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Left alone and without food in the apartment of his master who went on vacation, a Cane Corso was rescued by the firefighters of Cherbourg, in the Manche department. For several days, the desperate barking of the dog worried the neighbors who called for help.

He had been barking incessantly for 5 days, disturbing and worrying the whole neighborhood. The dog left alone in an apartment in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin (50) was finally released yesterday by the fire brigade and handed over to the local SPA, reports The Channel Press this Thursday, June 2.

The animal in question is of the Cane Corso breed, specifies the departmental daily. Its owner had gone on vacation, not without having asked a relative to feed and take care of the canine during his absence. Something that this person had obviously not bothered or was unable to do. Not consistently, anyway.

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The inhabitants of this building located rue de la Woevrein the district of provinces, had been hearing the distress barking of the quadruped since Friday, May 27. It was necessary to intervene as quickly as possible, because it was at stake both for the tranquility of the neighborhood and the well-being of the dog.

The Cane Corso was starving

Alerted, the firefighters of Cherbourg took place on Wednesday 1er June around 6:30 p.m. As the accommodation was closed, the firefighters had no choice but to enter through a window left open. The apartment located at 5e floor, they deployed their large ladder to reach it.

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It was finally the end of the ordeal for the Cane Corso, who was clearly starving. In the wake of his rescue, he was examined by the veterinarian who accompanied the Cherbourg firefighters.

Subsequently, the dog was taken care of by the local SPA, which placed him in his refuge in Tollevast about ten kilometers away.

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