A dog accompanies his master to a party and urges him to come home early

On social media we can find the wittiest and funniest dog videos. This time a dog became famous for its unusual way of being. It is common that when a person attends an event, they decide to leave because they are bored, but what about dogs?

A naughty dog ​​accompanied his master to a party. But, after a while, he took on a funny attitude that caught everyone’s attention on TikTok.

A dog accompanies his master to a party and urges him to come home early

© Capture TikTok

What happened ? The master participated in a meeting with his friends during the evening. While they were having a drink and talking, the animal took a seat at the table and quickly caught the attention of its master.

Indeed, the dog seemed to have understood that it was time to go to bed, so he insisted several times to his master that they should go home. The young man tried to appease her and assured her that they would be leaving soon.

As time passed and they didn’t leave, the dog closed his eyes in front of him so he noticed his discomfort. Another meeting attendee noticed this funny scene and decided to record it.

After sharing the video on TikTok, over 53,000 users have left a “like” and hundreds of other funny comments:

“We’re going home now, because I’m sleepy”,

“He walks up to him telling him he’s had enough, hahahahaha,” were some of the impressions left by netizens.

Below is the video:

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