A Corgi, like the queen, “so cute” on social networks

563,000 subscribers for Geordi and Scotty

The Corgi, royal or not, has also found its audience on the internet. This is what we see for example on the page of Geordi and Scotty, followed by 563,000 subscribers on Instagram. But today, social networks play an undeniable prescribing role when it comes to choosing a dog as a pet.

“Today, networks are the first source of documentation for people”, explains Tony Silvestre, dog trainer in France and co-founder of Esprit Dog – which is organizing its first dog show in Paris at the beginning of June. “Ten years ago, we went to our veterinarian to ask him for advice, we could also call breeders, look at files on the internet. Now, social networks and influencers, those who have these dogs, are the first source of information for the general public.”

A source of information and inspiration. In another register, we can remember Paris Hilton’s chihuahua for example.

“You are going to have an identification process”, explains Alexandra Balikdjian, psychologist specializing in consumer behavior. “If you’re a miss chihuahua fan on instagram, she’ll show you how she dresses him, walks him… Once you have a strong bond with miss chihuahua, you’ll tell yourself that what you need to look like her , is to have the chihuahua. It will guide your choices”.

According to Tony Silvestre, the Corgi stands out for its atypical physique: He has his cute face, an atypical body and we are on a wave of people doing with their dogs what they could do with humans: we dress them up, we dress them up.”

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