A cat kept her 6 kittens with her in a depot until help arrived

Best Friends Felines Rescue Center in Brisbane, Australia has taken in a mother cat and her 6 kittens who were found and rescued from an industrial container at a car depot. The mother’s name was Aurora, and she was in poor health, but she never left her little kittens alone.

As soon as the rescue center has received the feline family, he immediately transferred her to the vets so that the mother and her babies can be assessed and cared for.

Nikki from Best Friends Felines told Love Meow:

“It’s unclear how long she was there, but she was very emaciated under her fur.”

© Facebook/ Best Friends Felines


Aurora looked exhausted and hungry, and when the volunteers approached her, she seemed relieved to receive food and help. When she felt completely safe, the feline took a long nap.

Nikki says:

“Although she was appallingly thin, she arrived unable to walk properly on her hind legs. We wanted a full checkup for her and her little ones.”

With care from the rescue center staff and good food, the cat was quickly back on her feet and, a few days later, she walked curiously around her new home. When the volunteers from the shelter came to help her a little, she would lie down on her stomach to receive well-deserved hugs.

© Facebook/ Best Friends Felines

Aurora is a wonderful mother and always takes care of her six kittens, bathing them daily and making sure their stomachs are satisfied. The little kittens, 5 of which are gray and one gray and white, are growing rapidly and now have their eyes open.

Nikki added:

“Aurora has adapted very well to human life indoors, she loves attention and is always looking for cuddles. She is definitely benefiting from the good food she is getting, as her coat has become silkier. »

Adorable kittens learn to walk and let loose to their curious personality, all under Aurora’s supervision of course.

Nikki says:

“They are all awake and walking, exploring their surroundings now. They started playing with each other, which is the sweetest thing to see. »

© Facebook/ Best Friends Felines

Now that the six felines have grown a little, this cat can take time to enjoy the company and affection of her new masters. After all she has endured on the streets to survive with her little babies, she deserves all the love in the world.

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