A baby dies a few hours after leaving the emergency room: the doctor had sent the consultation and prescribed paracetamol

Hailey Thompson died in her sleep at just 22 months old. Since then, her parents have wanted answers to understand how their young daughter could have died a few hours after leaving the emergency room of a hospital in Manchester (England), where she was prescribed paracetamol.

On December 7, Hailey Thompson’s parents take her to the doctor for the first time after she starts coughing and has a runny nose. The doctor prescribes antibiotics, but the little girl had an allergic reaction and treatment should be stopped, it reports Daily mail.

A week later, the Thompsons have another appointment with the doctor, who this time tells them that their daughter needs paracetamol instead of antibiotics because it is a viral infection.

The doctor sends the consultation and prescribes paracetamol

But on December 18, Hailey’s father finds her lying in bed, struggling to breathe, and decides to call an ambulance. He’s told he’ll have to wait two hours for a vehicle to arrive, so he rushes his daughter straight to the emergency room, which was overcrowded. There, a doctor only takes the child’s blood pressure. He tells the father to go home, prescribes paracetamol for the child and tells her to come back in three days if she doesn’t feel better.

Hours later, the parents find Hailey unconscious in her bed. The mother tries to revive her daughter before an ambulance arrives. The baby was taken to hospital, but his life could not be saved.

Since then, the parents have questioned the treatment their baby received in the emergency room. “We want answers. How can a healthy baby die in his sleep? And why haven’t tests been done for Strep A, Scarlet Fever or Covid?

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