8 high-tech units with retro aesthetics

The retro aesthetic has made a big comeback in popular culture, whether it is within fashion, music formats, interior design or furniture. This boom can be due to many factors such as a desire to be more environmentally friendly with recycled products and fashion from the past, rose-colored glasses in search of a “simpler” time, nostalgia or simply admiration.

Now technology and home appliances have joined the party, with many new products boasting vintage designs but decidedly modern technology; brings the convenience of today with the style of the past.

Smeg ’50s Aesthetic 4 slice toaster

While the exterior would look great in a 1950s kitchen, the interior features of the Smeg 50’s Aesthetic 4 Slice Toaster are standard in the 21st century. What’s even better for those who love retro styles is that this is just part of Smeg’s ’50’s Style’ aesthetic line.

Available in beautiful candy-coated pastel colors in addition to more traditional appliance colors like black, this retro toaster has two large compartments with self-centering racks so any piece of bread, regardless of size, can be grilled evenly. In addition, the toaster comes with accessories such as a sandwich rack that heats the sandwiches to make them perfectly warm for serving.

GE Artistry Series appliances

GE’s Artistry Series appliances, which consist of stoves, refrigerators, ranges and dishwashers, have a sleek retro design, complete with the vintage GE logo. There is no digital display on the devices, preferring to use the analog aesthetic.

Although the design is retro, the technology is not. First, the Artistry Series refrigerator is Energy Star rated, which means the product is the same or better than standard products, but uses less energy. Experience the best recipe applications in the company of these unique and elegant devices.

smart phone magnifier

With an unmistakably retro aesthetic, Smartphone Magnifier lets users blast videos on their phone onto an 8-inch TV that looks like it’s stepped back in time from the 70s. Perfect for those who love all things retro, place the phone in the imitation wood. TV tray and enjoy your favorite videos.

Purely for nostalgia and aesthetics, the Smartphone Magnifier is a fun way to view all your favorite phone footage and YouTube videos with the look of a Jimmy Carter TV, minus the boring bunny ear antennas. The Smartphone Magnifier can be purchased on Amazon.

Bose sound sunglasses

With a cool design similar to popular Wayfarers of the 80s (think Tom Cruise in Risky Business), Bose now makes multi-functional audio sunglasses; functions as sunglasses and wireless headphones. The sunglasses have small speakers on the frame that play music for you, but remain undetectable to everyone around you.

Stream amazing podcasts that look like TV shows with these trendy shades. Bose’s innovative sunglasses are currently available for purchase on Amazon.

Polaroid social

For those who take pictures and never get them printed, the Polaroid Socialmatic is a must-have. It works like a traditional Polaroid camera, automatically printing photos taken on 2″ by 3″ images, and it’s also packed with a host of high-tech features that are way beyond the 20th century.

To illustrate, the Polaroid Socialmatic has built-in Wi-Fi in addition to an Android interface that allows users to upload their photos and print a QR code that can also be embedded so photos can be tracked. . Take part in a non-digital version of the Polaroid TikTok trend.

Stereo audio infuser and record player

With a typical 20th century look, its stained wood and brushed aluminum completely communicates the retro spirit of the Audio Infuser Stereo & Record Player. This product is capable of playing discs, as the name suggests, but it also has high-tech capabilities.

To illustrate, the stereo can stream music wirelessly from any mobile device or computer, as well as stream music from the turntable to other Wi-Fi enabled speakers. If music lovers are looking for a high-end car radio, discover the 10 best car radios.

Baseu’s personal refrigerator

With a mid-century modern aesthetic, fresh from the 50s and 60s, the Baseus Personal Fridge almost looks like a retro-futuristic TV with an extremely exciting design by Jiujiu Hu. A portable personal refrigerator with leather straps for easy transport, this product is like a stylish, high-tech update on a cooler.

Another feature of the refrigerator is that it comes with a shelf, unlike the traditional cooler or cooler, so there are two layers to store items.


Nixie tubes were incredibly popular in the late 50s and through the 60s, unfortunately for some, and ceased production in the 90s. However, the Rotrics team created an updated high-tech version with the same classic aesthetic.

Using LED screens, the Nextube’s primary function is a clock and alarm, but there are actually six other things that the Nextube does that put it in the high-tech category. All six tubes can be programmed to display anything the user needs, including but not limited to weather, YouTuber subscriber count, and a countdown clock.

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