28 dogs and 41 cats are waiting for a master

In addition to 28 adult dogs, there are 41 cats and kittens available for adoption at the SPA Jean-Roche refuge in Montceau. The SPA therefore calls for adoption for these abandoned animals.

Again there are more and more kittens arriving at the SPA, which is why Valérie Romano, director of the shelter, appeals to pet owners “identification is mandatory. It makes it possible to find and alert the owners in the event of runaways. And if sterilization is not compulsory, it is recommended because it makes it possible to limit the number of unwanted births and the abandonments which follow. To meet the high maintenance and veterinarian costs caused by the influx of these animals, the shelter needs financial donations, blankets, bleach, washing-up liquid, cleaning products for the floors, multi-purpose wipes, food for dogs and cats and cat litter.

For people wishing to adopt an animal, Valérie Romano recommends making a request for an adoption form to the following email address: [email protected]

For further information, contact the SPA Jean-Roche refuge, 78 rue de Nancy, Montceau. Such. :

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